What Does That Mean: Faith

Clarifying some biblical terms and common church lingo.


Faith can be compared to a trust fall. While one person stands with outstretched arms, the other stands in front of them blindfolded. Unable to see and with no guarantee of their safety, the person in the forefront defenselessly falls backward into the arms of the person waiting to catch them. 

God is our catcher. Faith often feels like we’re blindly and helplessly falling backward with the hope that the one who we cannot see will not let us fall. Choosing to never fall would eliminate the risk and the exercise would lose its purpose. It is the same with faith. It does not take faith to believe what is tangible. It does take faith, however, to believe in what is not tangible. Since we cannot see God, it takes faith to know that He is, to trust that His words are true, to act on His commands, and to please Him.


Hebrews 11:1

Hebrews 11:6