What Does That Mean: Living Sacrifice

Clarifying some biblical terms and common church lingo.


Before Jesus’ death on the cross, the law required God’s people to offer sacrifices to him for their sins. Though the sacrifices were holy (set apart to God), they were also dead. When Jesus gave his life for the sins of the world, he paid the ultimate blood sacrifice, fulfilling the law’s requirement once and for all. Now, we are no longer slaves to sin! 

Through baptism in Jesus’ name and the infilling of the Holy Spirit, we do not let our sinful desires control us. Instead, we serve as living sacrifices to God by following the lead of his Spirit and submitting to his will for our lives. With every choice we make in alignment with God’s commands, we die to our own desires and choose to please him instead.


Romans 6:9-23

Romans 12:1-2